How to Make Ejaculation Last Longer and Enjoy STUNNING Orgasms

How to make ejaculation last longer? That’s one problem many men in your position wish they had a solution to. It’s an embarrassing situation, isn’t it? Being unable to last as long as you want during intercourse could adversely affect your confidence and make you feel less than a man. Let’s face it; no matter how much your wife or girlfriend loves you, she will begin to lose interest in the relationship when you’re unable to satisfy her in bed. Worst still, this may lead to the end of the relationship for good. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation, don’t fret because there are techniques to make you last longer. Let’s examine two proven and effective strategies to help you turn this situation around and enjoy lasting sex.


Strategy #1: “Cognitive Re-positioning”


Change you mindset at any time you have sex. The way your mind thinks greatly affect your sexual stamina, on the other hand, how quickly you are going to reach an orgasm. Performance anxiety is one of the major reasons a lot of men experience early ejaculation. They are afraid of disappointing their wife or girlfriend by ejaculating too early. That frame of mind is what makes a lot of men fail from the beginning. The way you think affect all aspects of your live including your sex live.


Therefore, stop worrying about coming too soon, but rather shift your mind from the sensation you feel around your genital to how the sensation is going through your whole body. Don’t completely rely on your penis to turn your woman on. Make it a point to give her sufficient foreplay and oral sex. This will help to significantly boost your confidence before you begin the actual penetration, and thus making your ejaculation last longer.


Strategy #2: “Refractory Incentive”


Generally, getting a second ejaculation just after one hour or two of having the first one is more often than not impossible. You could take advantage of that refractory period. If you are preparing to have sex with your woman, you could masturbate about one hour or two before actually having sex. This helps you to control your arousal, and enable your penis glad not to be overly stimulated. This is an effective way to make ejaculation last longer if done rightly.


Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing situation, but there are proven techniques to help you last longer in bed. If you want to permanently stop this problem and be able to satisfy your woman in bed, then click here now.

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